Rosie O'Donnell was on the Janeane Garafolo show letting off steam about conservatives in general and Rush Limbaugh in particular. Her remarks will not endear her to the Tea Party Titan.

The two liberal ladies got to musing about Rush Limbaugh and his enormous influence on the right. They also were quite cutting about those on the right Here is a brief clip.

O'Donnell : ....And how is it that he's able to be a junkie, literally, and sort of still have reverence, respect, and be heralded as the leader of these, you know...

GAROFALO: Well, look at who he's talking to.

O'DONNELL: I know.

GAROFALO: Look at who he's talking to.

O'DONNELL: Those are the kind of people who if it was a junkie, right? What, because he buys the Oxycontin from a doctor?

GAROFALO: Sure, bought it's very elastic, isn't it? It's always a double standard. When it comes to right wingers, whatever works for them works. [...]

GAROFALO: ....And you, when you talk that way to people, the way Rush talks to people, the way he lies to people, you can't have respect for him. You couldn't possibly respect who's listening to you if you lied to them the way that they do. They use these people as a blunt instrument.

O'DONNELL: Do you think that they believe it? Rush or Glenn Beck or those people?

I'm sure Rosie will not be getting any Tea Party invites any time soon.