Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton

Whisper it, but a victory for Mitt Romney would be very good news for Hillary Clinton if she still has ambitions to be president.

The main reason is the age issue – Hillary will be 69 in 2016 but so too will Mitt Romney, taking that particular question off the table.

If it was say, Hillary against Paul Ryan if Obama wins, then there is a clear generational gap that would play to the younger candidate’s strength.

Hillary will take her time deciding but it becomes a far more attractive proposition against a sitting Republican president.

The other way it helps Hillary is that she would not be seeking the third successive term for a Democrat if  Obama is re-elected. The fatigue factor would be in play in such circumstances.

In such a closely divided country the prospect of three successive terms for one party is hard to see.

Hillary will review all her options come November and there are no shortage of candidates who will be doing the same.

If Obama wins, expect Chris Christie to start throwing shapes.

A word of caution though, watching Christie with Romney in Ohio the other day, it became apparent that he has to do something about his weight.

He is not just overweight, he is severely obese, and irrespective of political correctness on this issue, I would be fearful for his health being that overweight – and so will every voter if his candidacy ever comes about.