Newt Gringrich and Mitt Romney
Just a week ago the media assured us that Mitt Romney was the inevitable Republican nominee.

Now we're not so sure.

His victory in Iowa turns into a dead heat with no winner declared.

New Hampshire's win was in a state where he had a summer residence and was governor of the state next door.

The latest poll from South Carolina shows Gingrich closing to within two points.

And now Rick Perry has endorsed the former speaker.

Perry turned out to be all hat and no cattle as they say in Texas, utterly destroyed by his sorry debate performances.

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With his exit, the votes will surely go to Newt, his fellow southerner and conservative bosom buddy.

That should help Gingrich defeat Romney who is swimming in a swamp of questions about his wealth, his tax payments and his religion.

So if Newt wins South Carolina that brings up Florida as the big kahuna.

Romney is ahead there too, but as a southern state Gingrich will definitely close the gap quickly, especially if he wins South Carolina.

So it is still all to play for.

If Santorum drops out after South Carolina, look out!

His voters will flock to Newt.

And once more the pundits are eating crow after declaring Romney the premature winner.

For my money Gingrich can still and probably will win it all.

Especially if Santorum folds.