According to a USA Today poll sixty three per cent of Americans say they will not vote for Donald Trump -- even before he announces a run for president.

By the time he runs that figure that number will be closer to 75 per cent.

What we are witnessing with Trump is the incredible shrinking candidate, the man who, the more he opens his mouth the less popular he becomes.

When that mouth is like a siren to begin with and add in his expected meltdowns as the polls begin to turn against him, Trump may eventually end up with about ten per cent support.

Even the birthers don' t like him according to the USA Today poll. They prefer Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee according to the poll.

So where will The Donald get his support from?

I wouldn't be surprised to see him aiming some zingers at welfare recipients, etc, in an attempt to get the working class racist vote that always hangs around the Republican Party.

Now that Haley Barbour, their tribune has announced he is not running the vote is up for grabs.
Trump might well make a run at it.

He has no shame at this point having reneged on every position he has held over the past few decades.

Rednecks for Trump sounds good.