If Rahm Emanuel wants to take over from Mayor Richard Daley in Chicago he is going to have to earn it.

Last week's statement by Congressman Luis Gutierrez that he is forming an exploratory committe is a warning shot for Emanuel.

Gutierrez hates Manuel with a passion, The pair have had several shouting matches over immigration reform.

Gutierrez, by far the most passionate advocate of immigration reform in Congress, believes that it was Emanuel who slow tracked the issue within the White House and forced it off the president’s agenda as a must -do priority.

Back in May Gutierrez made it clear that Emanuel was seen as the blocking force within the White House.

"I don't think Rahm Emanuel is a positive influence on the immigration debate," Rep. Luis Gutierrez told the Chicago Fox affiliate. "I don't think he sees it as a core value of the Democratic Party, or a necessity that the American people need to be acted upon."

He also said Emanuel would never get his endorsement for Chicago mayor.

"He’s not to get my endorsement anytime soon. He should stay in the White House, but then he can go make millions in investment banking," Gutierrez said, referring to the Wall Street position Emanuel previously held.

Gutierrez a former Chicago City Councilman is now considering his own run for mayor -- but even if he doesn’t he seems sure to represent a major stumbling bock for Emanuel.

In the end, given the large Hispanic vote, Emanuel may well regret not getting immigration reform higher on the president's priority list.