Is President Obama a Democrat?

His refusal to back the Rhode Island candidate for governor from his own party certainly raises the question.

It is not as if Frank Caprio is a hopeless outsider, he's actually neck and neck in the polls.

Not, it's because Obama had promised his opponent, Lincoln Chafee, former Republican senator that he would not oppose him because Chafee supported him for president.

(In a state in which Obama would have to have been deeply unpopular not to win anyway)

It is precisely the kind of backroom deal that Obama used to scorn and point the finger at others for doing.

Now he's right up there with the rest of the smoke filled room boys.

Farnk Caprio was dead right to tell the president to 'shove it" during his visit to Rhode Island.

And Democrats everywhere must ask a searching question.

if Obama is not going to support fellow Democrats why on earth is he their president?

Obama cannot have it both ways, slamming Democrats for running from his agenda when he does his own version of the old boy network rules.

It is a bad situation for Obama and let's hope Caprio wins so he can embarrass him good when he takes office.