President Obama is correct not to release the pictures of a dead Osama bin Laden.

Chances are, given that so many people say they have already seen them, that they will leak to some news organizations somewhere along the line

No one with any intelligence seriously doubts that it was Osama who was killed in Sunday night's raids.

Evidence presented today from Pakistani military clearly shows that Obama's daughter identified the man killed a s he father and the Pakistanis have accepted that it is the terror leader.

Like Obama's birth certificate there will always be conspiracy theorists who will assume other wise but even releasing the photograph would not appease them.

It serves no purpose to do so, merely making Islamic militants worldwide even more angry.

Have you noticed though the lack of street demonstrations in the Arab world over Bin Laden's death?

It is clear that the Arab world has moved on, seeing that they can grab democracy by ousting unpopular dictators not by Al Qaeda terrorism but by people power.

The strange part is that Osama was never more irrelevant than when he was killed. While his movement will continue to threaten, the reality is that history has passed it by.

The death of Bin Laden will be seen as the closing chapter on an era where such terrorists held the upper hand.

Now pro-democracy movements have proven to have far more power and courage than Al Qaeda ever had.

Obama has done the world a favor by moving on.

Let's hope the rest of the world does too,'