I am delighted to see that Barack Obama got down off his high horse for once to slam Donald Trump last night.

For weeks the loud and profane Trump has been hammering away at Obama. Last night he had to sit and take it

It was at the White House Correspondent's annual dinner and Obama was in fine fettle skewering Trump who was present.

Obama said Trump was delighted that the birth cert issue was now solved because he could now find out whether "the moon landing had taken place' and " where are Biggie and Tupac", two rap stars killed in suspicious circumstances in 1996 that some believe are still alive somewhere.

He also said that Trump had shown presidential skill to fire actor Gary Busey instead of Meat Loaf from his celebrity "Apprentice" TV show.

Obama cracked: "These are the types of decisions that would keep me up at night. Well handled, sir."

Obama then offered to show his live birth video, which was a clip from the Disney film, "The Lion King."

Trump laughed at some of the president's jokes but the joke was on him this time especially when comedian Seth Meyers said "Donald Trump often talks about running as a Republican, which is surprising," ...I just assumed he was running as a joke."

Nice to see the Donald taking it on the chin. Well said sirs.