It's time for the Top Ten Turkey Awards.

My Annual and much sought after awards!

Time for the Patrick Roberts “It takes ten turkeys to tango”  annual awards for 2013.

Here is my considered list of the worst and most wasteful humans, events and political machinations for 2013.

Drum(stick) roll please... Enjoy!

1. Obamacare – enuff said, Mr. President.

2. Government shutdown – enuff said. Take a bow, Mr. House Speaker.

3. Rory McIlroy – millions of dollars and Nike contracts don’t mean squat if you can’t shoot straight.

4. Johnny Depp and the Lone Ranger movie? As Tonto might say: Feck you, paleface. Brought to you by Disney.

5. A-Roid – I didn’t really take drugs. I thought it was chewing gum. (Baseball “great”?)

6. Aaron Hernandez – New England Patriots player arrested for brutal murder.

7. The jury in the George Zimmerman trial in Florida – who’s sorry now?

8. Alec Baldwin – Anti-gay slurs and boorish behavior his forte. Fired by MSNBC; gets what he deserved.

9. Senator Ted Cruz – Texas-sized filibuster only won him derision and contempt.

10. Nancy – face as taut as piano string – Pelosi: Will that woman with more facelifts than Joan Rivers ever go away?