Mike Huckabee's expected departure from the Republican race for president opens the door for Sarah Palin again.

Palin has gone quiet after the media sizzle around her died and transferred to Donald Trump.

But with Trump fading faster than a losing 'Apprentice' competitor and Huckabee now looking like he will drop out, Palin is suddenly back in this race if she wants.

Huckabee, with his strong evangelical roots, was a natural to win Iowa and Palin enjoys a comparable level of support among those voters.

Contrast that with Mitt Romney who is held in deep suspicion in the first caucus state, not only because of his moderate politics but also his Mormon religion.

That only leaves Palin as the evangelical choice as none of the other contenders have seriosu traction with those voters.

A win in Iowa could galvanize the Palin campaign heading into New Hampshire in January.

That would be a turn up for the books,but with the Republican race so volatile anything can happen.

Mitt Romney will not be the clear front runner if and when Huckabee announces he is stepping down, but I have believed for some time that he has a very soft core of support.

As usual 'savior' canddiates such as Mitch Daniels are being spoken about as well as Jeb Bush but I feel the winner will come form the present field.

Which is why I think Palin is so intriguing once again.

She has differentiation and a hard core base of support something no other candidate really has with Huckabee out.

I think she is back in with a real chance to win.