The release of 24,000 e mails from Sarah Palin's time as governor of Alaska has created the kind of media frenzy that defies description.

The New York Times, Washington Post and major TV outlets rushed to Alaska and called for volunteers to scan each and every e-mail as if hidden treasure could be unearthed.

This was not Wikileaks or the Pentagon Papers or the Watergate files. This was the e mails of a governor of a very small state, politically speaking, one who just happened to end up as John McCain's running mate.

The media found zilch of course on this fishing expedition to end all fishing expeditions.

Palin talks about the Miss Alaska pageant, about the oil revenues, and about a thousand mundane things that governors of Alaska discuss.

The media overkill is a symptom of a sickness that cannot be explained by any self righteous blather from them.

The focus on Palin was ridiculous. She will hardly be the presidential candidate for the GOP next year. She is being held to a crazy standard where the media is setting out to catch her in a gotcha moment.

There was no gotcha moment which was drearily predictable.

The major exclusive (gasp) was that Palin was surprised her name had suddenly surfaced as a potential running mate.

The media should be ashamed of itself with this nonsense.

Palin is right, there does appear to be an incredible bias and attempt to nail her. Frankly it is distasteful.