As a member of the extended Kennedy clan Maria Shriver was well used to tales of infidelity and skirt chasing but she seems to have landed a doozy with her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The revelation that he had fathered a child with an employee and kept it secret both from the public and apparently his wife, during his time as governor of California reveals a peculiar kind of love rat that puts him in the John Edwards category.

Edwards you might remember fathered a child with another woman as his wife lay dying of cancer. Arnie apparently kept his woman in his employment and his kids played with her kid growing up, never knowing they had a half sibling. Worse his wife worked alongside her never knowing the truth of her husband's affair.

That is a peculiar kind of betrayal for his family as well as everyone else.

Maria Shriver played the good wife throughout their 25 years of marriage but you can bet that there was one more than one skeleton in Arnie's cupboard and I'd wager there is more to come now that he is out of office.

Shriver saw it in the Kennedy family growing up but her parent's marriage appeared to be the exception. Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy appeared a very united couple and their kids have been a credit to them.

Now Maria is facing what many Kennedy women have faced, the consequences of a testosterone fueled husband and his blatant indiscretions.

Worse her four kids have to learn that their father kept a dark secret from them during his marriage and the kid they played with was a family member in a way they never dreamed.

Talk about men behaving badly!