Rick Santorum
The Catholic Church and the Republican Party are utterly wrong in opposing contraception in health care plans.

Surveys show that Catholics by a wide margin of 16 per cent believe that contraception should be offered in every health care plan as a matter of fact.

Whether a person wants it as part of their plan is their own business and no one elses, no matter where they work.

Fighting the contraception issue makes the church look once more like it is targeting women.

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has come out firing against contraception of any kind as well.

(Maybe he is over compensating for the fact that his wife once lived for many years with an abortion doctor)
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One wonders what century does he think he is running in?

Women have won that battle over a century ago and contraception is as much a fact of family life in America among every religious and ethnic group as apple pie.

To pretend otherwise is to try and turn the clock back to the witch hunt days when women were viewed as evil and possessed if they showed any form of sexual desire.

One wonders what witches brew Republicans and the church are sipping from if they think this is an issue that will win them any major support.

Every woman in the country will see it for what it is, a naked attempt by powerful men to once again gain control over them and their bodies.

One hopes that a Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich will not go down the Santorum line and state clearly they are for contraception as a form of birth control.

While the church,no doubt, would enjoy every woman in the country going back on the laughably named rhythm method, the reality is that they too, are revealing their gross ignorance of the reality of the modern era.

We are not living under the Taliban or the mullahs, at least not yet in America.

Sometimes though you have to wonder.