The hypocrisy of Lou Dobbs on the immigration issue has finally been exposed .

It now turns out according to a ‘Nation’ magazine report that Dobbs hired illegal immigrants to work on his horse farm in New Jersey, all the time castigating employers in America who did the same.

Dobbs,remember, was the man who lit the torch against illegal immigrants here in America. Night after night his CNN show slammed them and abused anyone who made a case for them to be legalized.

It was the beginning of a nasty nativist era in American politics that continues to this day where immigrant are demonized and some have been killed by thugs weaned on the nasty rhetoric of Dobbs and others.

Now it turns out that Dobbs was having it both ways, slamming the hiring of illegal immigrants while benefiting from their cheap labor to keep his house and manage his fancy stables.

And the upshot of ‘The Nation’ article is that Dobbs clearly knew that the workers were undocumented

Macdonald spoke to a man named Rodrigo Ortega. Ortega told her about meeting Dobbs. Ortega told her that Dobbs "knew very well that the majority of us didn't have papers," but that this "was never a problem."

it is hardly surprising that Dobbs never paid overtime to the illegal workers who often worked very long hours.

After all Lou Dobbs always thought he could have it both ways.
Now that facade has come tumbling down thanks to some outstanding reporting.

The title of the article says it all: “Lou Dobbs American Hypocrite.”