Brooke and Caroline Barnes with pic of Lennox

So Lennox the Belfast dog will be executed the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland has ruled.
More like the Lord High Executioner from a Gilbert and Sullivan farce.

Lennox will essentially be killed for looking like a pit bull not actually acting like one. By all accounts Lennox was a pretty ordinary dog owned by the Barnes family.

He even served as a comfort for a special needs kid the Barnes have,

But Lennox fell foul of a new law that pit bulls are no longer allowed in Northern Ireland because they are violent.

But Lennox may not even be a pit bull as his breed has never been properly determined.

Either way it didn’t matter-- the poor mutt was measured and pronounced a pit bull.

Lennox will not be executed for what he did but rather for what he resembles.

It is like saying every Catholic in Northern Ireland should be jailed because some in the ast were violent.

The scarlet letter was placed on his forehead, the execution order upoheld now by three different courts.
He has been confined for two years away from his family while the court system creaked and clattered and finally delivered its absurd verdict.

Kafka couldn’t wrote this script-- guilty for being a pitt-bull lookalike.

So now Lennox will be executed, a family left bereft and a world left scratching is head.

This is Orwellian to say the least -- a terrible disgrace that defies description.

Who or what will they be coming for next?

As Gilbert and Sullivan wrote in the Mikado: “Defer, Defer to the Lord High Executioner.”