I have to say I agree with Latinos for Reform that Latinos are wasting their time voting for Harry Reid and his ilk in the upcoming election.

All the Democrats have done for two years is the old bait and switch , pretending to care about comprehensive immigration reform yet doing nothing about it.

Sure we hear the rhetoric and we hear the impassioned calls, but when it comes to action Harry Reid and Barack Obama have been far worse than President Bush who at least helped get an immigration bill through the House and onto the floor of the senate.

All the Democrats have done is whistle past the graveyard of broken dreams of Latinos and other ethnic groups desperately seeking immigration reform and hope they don't notice.

Latinos For Reform are pushing it pretty far by saying don't vote in this election, but maybe it takes a fire eating proposal like that to get some action from the Democrats.

They had a supermajority in the Senate and House for two years and did nothing. They will be lucky to retain the senate and will likely lose the house which means no immigration reform for the next two years and God knows how long after that.

Worse they crafted a last second bill on the DREAM act,allowing children of illegal immigrants, brought to this country very young to stay here-- but they failed to pass it. T

alk about broken DREAMS.

Latinos need to wake up and accept that is the reality -- and that it could have been very different.

if Obama had spent half the time lavishing love on the Latino community as he did with Wall Street and the banks something historic might have been achieved.

It is now too little too late and Harry Reid is getting called on it.

Politico's Ben Smith talked to Robert de Posada,whose organization sponsored the ad who told him:

"We're saying what a lot of people are feeling. It's the only way for Hispanics to stand up and demand some attention,"

He's right you know.