Don't count the Kennedys out of running for elected office is the message loud and clear from one of the most promising young pretenders.

Anthony Kennedy Shriver, 45, said Friday. “I don’t count anybody out. I’m still young. But the time’s got to be right.”

Shriver,pictured above,is the founder of the highly successful Best Buddies International which fosters one-to-one friendships between people with and without intellectual disabilities may seek office in Florida in the near future friends say.

First however,he told the Boston Herald he will think long and hard about it

“People think hard about it,” he said. “Marriages can be strained. I think a lot of us want to avoid having our kids deal with the things that we had to deal with.”

However, the son of Eunice Shriver says his generation's turn may well come. “It’s not like my mom’s generation is the only one with talent,”

Shriver lives in Miami Beach with his wife and five children. He says you have to be born to politics.

“If you don’t have a candidate that can articulate that and connect with voters, you’ve got to throw the key away.”