Read more: Irish astronomer says he has successfully tracked UFO’s

Boyle in Roscommon Ireland may be the latest UFO hot spot in the world according to the respected site ""

The editor of the site notes that " Roswell, New Mexico has already established itself as a landmark for those interested in Extra-Terrestrial life forms, and other UFO hot spots exist around the globe; now Boyle, Ireland is going to attempt to do the same,"

Astronomer Eamonn Ansboro, based in the town, has been collecting UFO recorded footage and says there is a clear pattern that such UFO's fly in a definitive pattern around the earth.

Ansboro has proof he says that the UFO pattern over Boyle is consistent month to month and says this proves that the UFO objects are legitimate.

As the UFO site notes; "In collaboration with other scientists, he has taken all of this recorded footage and has been analyzing it. During this analysis, Mr Ansbro and the other scientists believe they have strong evidence that there are "Identified Flying Objects", so called by Mr Ansbro himself, that fly in a definitive orbit around Earth. Using computer generated time graphs and applying it to theory that is founded upon this strong belief of unidentified flying objects and alien life forms, they can create these traceable paths and use them to predict when and where sightings of alien space ships may occur, and these predictions have seemed to prove true at least in Boyle."

Read more: Irish astronomer says he has successfully tracked UFO’s