Protesters at British Consulate in New York
There are protests outside the Irish and British consulates in New York and newspapers in Ireland report their phones are swamped with calls and texts about Lennox the alleged pit bull and his imminent execution.

There are further last attempts to free Lennox, led by Northern Irish First Minister Peter Robinson, and have him sent to another country, and I hope they succeed.

The decision was handed down by Northern Ireland’s top court if you can believe that. I guess after The Troubles they don’t have that much to deal with.

The owners of seven-year-old Lennox deny he is that breed and they seem to have a very good case.

But it was an email in response to an article about Lennox the alleged pit bull who is set to be destroyed in Belfast on Tuesday, because pit bulls are banned there, that really caught my eye.

The email called for a boycott of all things Irish, including travel to Ireland, if the dog is put down.

Apparently, judging by responses, this has been seriously discussed in circles and some Americans have even made their way over to Belfast to protest about Lennox.

I don’t think Lennox should be put down, I think the decision to “arrest” him and keep him for two years is bureaucracy gone mad but I don’t think it is worth organizing a national boycott to protest his position.

I know dog lovers feel intensely connected to their animals and Lennox has had a very raw deal. But organizing boycotts of Ireland and Irish products goes way too far.

There are much more serious events involving humans that deserve attention.

No one talked about boycotts during the church sex scandals when hundreds of priests were revealed as pedophiles.

No one talked about boycotts when banks ran amok and stiffed customers for hundreds of millions and the Irish government then ordered that the taxpayers pay it all back.

Yet there is serious talk over the unfortunate and very bizarre jailing and likely execution of Lennox.
It is a strange world.