Sarah Palin's doing a media blitz in advance of supporting John McCain (yes, that John McCain) for his re-election campaign in Arizona.
She popped up on Jay Leno last night (now there's a man who knows about comebacks) defending herself over her "poor boy's tele-prompter."
Apparently she only wrote on her hand to drive the left into a frenzy.
"I love to get the left all 'weened'? up," she said, "I love getting their heads stirred up."
What did she mean by "weened up"? Can anyone make it out?
Anyway, she had more praise for the Tea Party which she described as a "beautiful movement."
"It's a real uprising of the people," she said, beaming at the camera.
A "beautiful movement"? Isn't that what colons are for?
And on another note, is this the start of a solo run by Palin?