I see today is being advertised as the day the world ends or was it yesterday - I can't remember.

Anyway it got me to thinking of how I'd spend the last day on earth if I had advance warning.

Here's what it looks like.

AM. sleep in -- I have a long journey to hell ahead as I'm unlikely to get included in the rapture --.any club with that many god fearing people would not want me as a member.

Noon -- pint of Guinness -- or two. No point in saving my soul so I might as well replenish it . Get a nice buzz going too

2p.m Watch 'The Quiet Man' one last time. I know its pathetic, but I love that movie and know most of the lines.

(Sob), Farewell John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.

4. P.M 'Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. Appropriate don't you think for the day that is in it? Wonderful album.

6. Check the news-- see if any major earthquakes or tsunamis under way and where I need to be in case for some strange reason I get a ticket to the rapture.

8. Visit my local betting parlor see if I can get odds on getting included in rapture. Unlikely I'd say.

10. Here comes the earthquake, no, it's just a passing thunderstorm--drat.

12. Ho hum, maybe tomorrow.