An influential Washington journalist has suggested that Barack Obama should pick Hilary Clinton as running mate in 2012 in part to to neutralize Sarah Palin.

Sally Quinn wife of former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee puts forward Clinton’s virtues of being tireless and relentless as major bonuses if she was to be a running mate.

She also holds a broad appeal to independents. She adds that Clinton would also “neutralize the effect of Sarah Palin.”

She writes “Hillary is far more qualified to be president than any of the Republicans being considered today, including Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty and Palin. arguments that were once pitted against Hillary Clinton have now evaporated as she carried out her roles cheerfully, thoughtfully, seriously and diligently."

As Joe Biden has no intentions of running for presidency Quinn believes that it would be no problem for Obama to choose Hillary as his running mate for the 2012 elections and have her step down as secretary of the state then to begin campaigning. Biden could then take her job

Quinn maintains that Clinton is doing an incredible job as secretary of state.

She said “She has managed to do the impossible:
She is the ambassador of the United States to the world, maintaining her credibility while playing the bad guy to President Obama's good guy, such as with North Korea, Iran and Israel, and still looking good.”

Though having been defeated in the presidential election she does not show any bad blood about her position or the roles that she finds herself carrying out.

“If Clinton is dissatisfied with her role, you would never know it. She has been loyal and supportive to the president and has maintained a good relationship with him and with others in the White House.

If she is being left out of the policymaking, or being sent on trips to keep her out of town, she has not shown it,” said Quinn.