Nice to see that Sarah Palin could only attract 5,000 people for her Tea Party carry-on in Boston Wednesday.

A bigger crowd would have been a slap in the face for a town which takes gun control seriously.

Palin must have forgotten where she was.

Deriding President Barack Obama, she said: "Is this what their `change' is all about?"

"I want to tell 'em, nah, we'll keep clinging to our Constitution and our guns and religion - and you can keep the change."

What guns Sarah? And which religion are you talking about?

The drill-baby-drill religion of the environmentally negligent?

One notable absentee was Sen. Scott Brown, the Republican who succeeded the late Edward M. Kennedy.

Brown has kept Palin at several arms' length since being elected in January.

Actually, that's more terrifying than Sarah is. Moderate Republicans like Brown don't even want anything to do with her.