Majority Leader Harry Reid

The Republican bleating about the end of the filibuster for judges smacks of hypocrisy of the highest order.

Do you think for a moment, if he were in the majority, that Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell would not change the filibuster rule to allow a majority vote to win out?

Given that the GOP tried to close down the government with not even the sniff of a majority supporting them of course he would.

Republicans want to take no prisoners when it comes to wielding power. Now they found they are facing a Democratic Senate leader who is just as bloody-minded as they are.

Now Democrats have decided to be the schoolyard bullies instead and the frantic barking of outrage from the GOP sounds like the tinny yips of retreat of dogs on the run.

The GOP thought they could continue to bully even though in the minority, by blocking the appointment of judges to courts where there are vacancies. They claimed the courts had small enough workloads that they didn’t need more judges.

Unfortunately for them nowhere in the constitution does it say you can just decide not to appoint judges if you think there is not enough work for them.

Coming off the high of the botched Obama care roll-out they felt they could do some more chest thumping.

But Majority Leader Harry Reid called their bluff and now not even Humpty Dumpty’s strategist could put this back together.

Both parties seem determined at all times to snatch defeat from victory. Democrats won the government shutdown then handed the GOP a huge victory with the botched Obamacare roll-out.

Now the GOP is returning the favor by blowing up every judge confirmation into a cockfight.

The outcome is, I’m sure, more cynicism than ever among the public and an increasing despair that any politics can be done in D.C.

A return to moderation will not happen any time soon, but until the GOP realizes they cannot bully their way to power the season of discontent seems set to continue.