Sarah Palin's first appearance as a news analyst on Fox

Even Fox News have had enough of Sarah Palin, canceling her contract.

That is actually good news for the GOP, even if many diehards will not see it that way.

That’s because Palin was always on the loony tunes fringe, lacking the basic educational tools to become a respected national candidates.

Her laughable foreign policy responses (‘We can see Russia from here’) in that now infamous Katie Couric interview tagged her for ever as an intellectual lightweight and she did nothing subsequently to remove that image.

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She was in many ways a Fox News creation with Roger Ailes describing her as ‘hot’ which hardly went down well with many women.

Contrast her with Congressman Paul Ryan, a cool, measured, deeply intellectual fellow, who is already one of the front runners for 2016.

The GOP will simply have to learn that the quick fix, fake outrage, hot button issues of the day as exemplified by Fox coverage does not play in the long run. It is all sugar calories, delightful at first bite, but then meaningless.

I watched Paul Ryan on ‘Meet the Press’ on Sunday and saw a bright, convincing politician who is in it for the long run.

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The contest between Ryan and other GOP stars like Senator Marco Rubio will be fascinating to watch for the soul of the party.

At least it will be a battle between two fine political intellects, not Palin-like creatures who shriek on cue and use the same tired little formulas week after week.

The GOP and Ailes finally see Palin for what she was, a fascinating sugar calories diversion from the real issues of how America should be run.

As she fades into obscurity there will be few who will miss her, her dysfunctional family, and her parrot-like responses.

Ryan and Rubio on the other hand constitute a real challenge for Democrats in 2016.