This St.Patrick's Day we need to take Glenn Beck's pot of gold from him.

His comments that God sent the earthquake to Japan prove that this lunatic leprechaun has finally lost the plot.

The Irish have an expression when someone loses it it is called 'Away with the fairies'

Beck's been gone a while now

What next from Beck, that God sent the Holocaust to punish the Jews?

Or 9/11 to punish Americans?

He has become a downright embarrassment to himself but most notably to Fox News.

The 'we report, you decide' mob has got away with pretending to be reasonable until Beck came along.

Now he makes them look like crazy uncles in the attic, mouthing profanities and mad theories.

Maybe black helicopters are next.

They might not be a bad idea, maybe one of them could spirit Glennie away and land him in some twilight zone somewhere.

Or on a desert island with Charlie Sheen

Beck and Sheen belong together in a home for the bewildered