Damian McGinty - 'Glee's' in house leprechaun

I've had it with 'Glee' and the leprechaun.

The Fox TV top rated series 'jumped the shark' last night when Heather, the cheerleader, really thought that new Irish exchange student Damian McGinty was a leprechaun.

Worse, she was the only one who could see him.

And he was looking for a pot o' gold.

And he had to sing 'It's Not Easy Being Green" by that well-known composer giant Kermit the frog.

Heavens preserve us dear reader.

Yes,that was the plot line.

This is supposedly an adult drama.

But I have no faith in begorrah b***s***.

I know a show like that will deal in stereotypes.

But it was downright insulting for any Irish American watching to see this nonsense passing as a representation of the Irish.

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God knows what the talented Damian McGinty from Derry thought about the plot, given how hard he struggled to get on the show to begin with.

He qualified through the 'Glee Project', a winner take all competition to get a starring role on 'Glee'.

Now he's a performing leprechaun,a Mickey Rooney.

Producer Ryan Murphy, with all that Irish heritage should be ashamed of himself.

It was 'Amos and Andy' except for an Irish character.

Even allowing for artistic license, this show was a complete piece of garbage.

McGinty is indeed a talented young performer who probably never thought he'd end up as a leprechaun on national TV in an episode called 'Pot O' Gold' on Fox.

Unfortunately that is what happened to him.

McGinty did his best to act the part but it was immediately obvious that he was having difficulty putting on the stage Irishman.

He's too honest a young man for that and shame on Murphy for making him into a laughing stock character.

What next?

Damian singing the Lucky Charms jingle on stage?

Could the stereotyping get any worse?


Time for Jane Lynch to smack some sense into Murphy with one of those megaphones.

Here's a clip of McGinty getting to know Finn: