Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney has had the worst month any presidential candidatecould have but is still within touching distance of Barack Obama.

From the 47 per cent gaffe to the over reaction on Libya Romney did everything but set his own candidacy on fire.

Yet with a little over five weeks to go most polls still show it as a three or four pointrace.

So the Mittster can still win – and here’s how.

*Focus on the economy like a laser. He has gotten dragged way off path with poor advice to engage Obama on every issue. Most people care only about one thing—their pocket book.

*The media backlash. Already I can sense that Barack Obama is going to have a much harder month in October than he did in September. The media wants a close horse race, not a blow out and they are already starting to niggle at Obama after letting him float free in September thanks to Romney’s gaffes.

*The debates. Romney has to go big and bold, no small stuff, he has to present a clear vision of where he will take the country economically and also to speak about himself in a humble and vulnerable way, let people see the real and clearly decent person within.

*Shake up Paul Ryan. Since getting on the ticket Ryan has been hopeless, making no impact. Joe Biden is the down to earth Obama ambassador to white ethnic working class in key states. Ryancan be the same if he’d stop talking about arcane budget measures.

*Work his butt off. No days off between now and the election, get Ann Romney out there as well.
Have the same sharp, refined message – it is all about the economy and I can fix it.

If he does all of the above he has a clear shot.