Donald Trump considering presidential race again is great news for the Democrats

The news that Donald Trump has spent $1 million on researching whether he should run for president is wonderful news – for Democrats.

The research will no doubt find that Donald should run and he is already trumpeting the size of crowds that he draws as evidence of this.

It’s funny how research you commission yourself will always end up with the result you want.
These are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Reports say that Donald ordered the research because of the number of people coming to see him speak, but crowds will always come to a freak show and Orange Head is certainly that.

I’d go and see a bearded lady too, or a Tom Thumb, or an Elephant Man - or a Donald.

He has as much chance of becoming president as Anthony Weiner and is probably a bigger d**k.

Donald is missing the limelight now that "The Apprentice" shows are winding down in the ratings.
He misses the bright lights the way Liberace missed the piano.

The difference was Liberace could play, Donald can’t.

Democrats would love to see him spend his money in 2016 vilifying his GOP opponents. He is the gift that keeps on giving to them – only he will never realize that.