Still from Donald Trump's address to Barack Obama

Donald Trump is off his head. That is the only possible interpretation of his October surprise to change the 2012 presidential race .

His much trumpeted announcement that he said could change the presidential race turns out to be a $5 million offer for Barack Obamato release his college and birth records.

It is about as much a damp squib as every other major announcement Trump makes these days.

The aging buffoon is not feeling the love these days from his media lackeys as he slowly fades to grey and out of the picture.

Ever desperate he is now clutching at straws and belongs in the same garbage bin of  history as every other showman/conman he resembles.

He has really gone over the top here however trying to insert himself into the presidential race.

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In the process he has hurt Mitt Romney who amazingly and mistakenly  sought his blessings many months ago.

With supporters like that many people could ask,why should we vote for him?

Trump has pushed his brand remorselessly and continuously for a few decades now and got rich off his Daddy’s fortune to begin with.

He is not a self made man, nor is he an honorable one.

His latest bid for media glory just further reinforces the silly aspect of thispresidential raceall the more.

Trump simply does not matter, a fact that clearly pains him but is nevertheless true.

Here’s the video “from Donald Trump’s desk”: