Donald Trump reminds me of one of those Middle East dictators who has lost contact with reality-- or like North Korea's late great leader, Kim Yong Il.

It's what happens when you only listen to sycophants and idiots and have a propaganda machine praising you at every turn.

The Donald's latest faux pas is to tell Greta Van Sustern on Fox News that he could win as a third party candidate by -- wait for this -- winning the Black vote.

Donald Trump said he "always had a great relationship with the blacks,"

"Well, I think I'd get a great cross-section. I think I'd get Hispanic votes, frankly. I think -- and people smile when I say it -- I think I'd do great with the African American votes. I think I'd do great with that," Trump said. "I just have a great relationship with African-Americans and African-American voters."

Trump beating Obama by getting a huge share of the Black vote?

Hey Trump, the KKK would have a better chance .

And there's more.

Trump says he'd win union votes too.

"I also think I'd do very well with the unions," Trump said. "I've done great over the course of years, many years, with the unions."

Yeah sure. This is the guy who backed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker when he tried to bust the public service unions in Wisconsin.

Can't you just see those blue collar guys flocking to The Donald in hordes.

Soon we'll hear that The Donald is waiting for heavenly signs to enter the race as a Third Party candidate.

I'm sure Obama can't wait.