Donald Trump may be blessed in two ways if he decides to run in 2012. First the current incumbent is not scaring anyone away and secondly the caliber of opponents within the Republican Primary field is hardly stellar.

Obama's strange refusal to get the birth certificate issue out of the way addresses his major problem, he is incredibly smart, intelligent and well meant, but he lacks any sense of how issues can play emotionally with people.

Its not enough to be right, you have to prove you are right. When a recent poll showed only 38 per cent firmly believed Obama was born in the U.S. his handlers finally threw in the towel.

What took them so long?

As for Trump's opponents, with the exception of Mitt Romney they are a sad lot. There are thrice married men, Gingrich and Giuliani if he decides to run, a washed up Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee who is very unlikely to run anyway, a reality show star Sarah Palin who has wilted recently in the spotlight and a bunch of nobodies called Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum.

With his incredible antenna for media attention, Trump can easily outmaneuver all but Romney who remains the deserved front runner.

But Romney is not popular in New Hampshire among Republicans. They remember him as the liberal Republican governor of the neighboring state of Massachusetts.

Pretty much anything from Massachusetts is poison to New Hampshire voters.

If Trump can pull of a shock win in New Hampshire I believe he can knock Romney out and be on target for the nomination.
A Trump /Obama race would be full of fire and brimstone but the Donald has a massive media presence to call on. He is also very good on the medium and keeps on message no matter what is thrown at him.

This could get very interesting.

President Trump? what odds on President Obama would you have gotten at this stage before the 2008 race, 50/1?

Trump could conceivably do it.