These are dangerous times for immigration reform.
President Obama keeps talking about his "unwavering" commitment to immigration reform but there are no specifics.
He held meetings with Senators Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham and several advocate groups - except for the Irish - on Thursday and again spoke about this "commitment."
Show us the money Barack.
The cynic in me thinks it's all lip service until the March 21 immigration rally.
But there's the thing.
No one knows how big this rally is going to be or how effective it could be.
The New York Times even referred to it as a possible "game changer."
"There is one possible game changer: an immigration march in Washington planned for March 21, designed as a last-ditch try to put reform on the agenda. Nothing like 100,000 angry, frustrated, impatient marchers, representing millions of voters, to focus the Congressional and presidential mind, if it’s not too late."
Newsday is reporting that marchers have already left Long Island in New York for the trek to Washington.
Here's hoping their efforts aren't in vain.