If Hosni Mubarak and Barack Obama had lived through some of the greatest upheavals in history here is how they might have reacted.

1776: Hosni Mubarakombama today took issue with efforts by George Washington to rid the American colonies of the British.

"We do not know what dangers lurk if we abandon the divine right of kings to rule" said Mubarakobama. "Some of these rebels have ridiculous ideas such as ordinary people voting and a constitution. We must listen to our elders and betters and be wary of new-fangled philosophies that could spread their contagion to Europe."

"We must continue to deal with King George even if he is quite mad" said Mubarakobama's foreign advisor Hillary Suleiman."We frankly don't know any other course and the king is the devil we know."

1789: Mubarakobama has warned about the storming of the Bastille in France and called for the immediate return of royal rule for France. "My friend King Louis has long said 'L'etat c'est moi' 'the state is me' and that is good enough for me," said Mubarakobama.

"His wife Marie Antoinette is a charming woman who has served the peasants cake and deserves to reign over her privileged people."

"I warned this contagion would spread from America and now it has..."

1916 Dublin; Mubarakobama has attacked the Irish rebels who took over the General Post Office in Ireland and commenced a revolution.

"Once again we have a bunch of rag tag rebels who don't know their place. The peasants were doing perfectly well under the British bar the two million who starved or left in the Great Famine. This all began with those Americans and now look at where it has spread.

March1933 Mubarackobama has welcomed the appointment of Adolf Hitler as dictator of Germany.

"As a dictator myself I take great pleasure in welcoming Adolph to our ranks. he is a jolly good fellow and will put manners on those so called democrats who want to vote. By the way, my people always vote 99 per cent for me."

Cairo 2011 Mubarakobama once again called for good old fashioned dictatorship and right to rule as Egypt exploded. "I am delighted the American president agrees with me, " he said. "This is no time for history lessons or principles and I'm glad to see he agrees.