Those Irish left off the Chelsea Clinton wedding invitation list are far from pleased.

The final number of guests is 400 , a small fraction of the massive rolodexes that Bill and Hillary have.

Some Irish Americans spoken to who were omitted are none too pleased.

None would identify themselves, but clearly felt aggrieved.

One rather strangely pointed out that Chelsea did her master's thesis at Stanford on the Irish peace process, a clear sign that the Irish were of considerable importance to her.

Irish Americans known to be on the list include Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley and Vicki Kennedy, widow of Ted.

Vicki is one of three Kennedys invited according to my source. The other two were not named but it is reasonable to assume that one is Caroline Kennedy.

Elizabeth Bagley and her late husband Smith were at the very top of the list of major fundraisers for both Clintons but also had forged deep friendships with the Clintons.

Bagley will skip the American Ireland Fund event on Nantucket she usually heads up to attend the wedding.

Meanwhile some Irish American confidantes of the Clintons were still holding out forlorn hopes of last second invitaitons.

The mail man's comings and goings will be studied intently this week in several quarters.

I wouldn't hold my breath however.