Christine O'Donnell is crazy like a fox after her win in the Delaware Republican primary.

While the media and many in her own party are dismissing her, there is no question she has caught a wave that may be about to transform American politics.

A New York Times poll out on Wednesday night shows 55 per cent of American,highest number ever, ready to dump their representative and seek a fresh start in Washington.

Those who believe O'Donnell has no chance in the November election need to get their heads on straight.

She is far less controversial than Sharon Angle in Nevada, running against Harry Reid a huge Democratic name, and Reid is only barely ahead there.

Likewise, Ron Paul's son Rand was also dismissed as a wack job after he won the Republican primary in Kentucky now he is skating home to victory.

There is no reason why Christine O'Donnell cannot undergo a similar fate.

She is good looking, clearly talented, and she understands the wave that is out there much better than the high-paid fat cats in the Republican Party who keep nominating the same old white guys.

The definition of madness is when you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

By that definition the GOP bigwigs are nuts.

They didn't come more old and white than their favored son Michael Castle in Delaware who got hammered by O'Donnell.

Yet it is Christine O'Donnell who is accused of being the person off the wall.

Does she have her faults? Sure, but so does every pol and she has shown she can take a punch and keep on coming.

All the way to the senate from Delaware in my opinion.