Now that Christine O'Donnell has stated that 'I am not a witch" in her latest television ad the question is what is she?

She is the poster girl on the left for the wild and wacky side of the tea party and she is being used to paint the tea party as out of the mainstream extremists.

The left can't believe their luck with O'Donnell. Since she emerged the polls are showing that the Democrats are starting to edge closer to the Republicans in the November election.

Candidates like O'Donnell are energizing the Democratic base says the new Washington Post/ABC poll.

Christine O'Donnell is the Democrat's best calling card.

I mean what candidate in history has ever had to say "I am not a witch" as the opening line in their first major television ad.

It can only go downwards from there. This is the equivalent of the 'have you beaten your wife lately" question

By connecting Republicans to some of her more kooky comments Democrats have begun sowing doubts about the Republican party to the Tea Party.

The Tea Party may be about to spill some of its hot rhetoric all over Republican candidates and cost them major votes in November.

It was Karl Rove who said that "anger is not a strategy'.

That may well be proven true in November.