The latest numbers from the Pennsylvania senate race show a curious comeback by Joe Sestak, the former no-hoper who has suddenly closed to within a few points of raging favorite, Republican Pat Toomey.

Insiders say it is partly due to the fact that ads and stories about Irish American Christine O'Donnell in next door Delaware spill over into Pennsylvania and are having an impact.

With a crazy lady next door, voters appear to be looking at the Republican slate in their own state and wondering if there are bats in the belfry there too.

The latest O'Donnell ad by Democrats plays the Twilight Zone tune and repeats her own claims that someone out there is cloning mice with human brains, as well as her comments about her spell as a witch.

Democrats only hope it seems to me is to "O'Donnellize" the race across the country and pin this particular Looney Tunes candidate to the lapel of every other Republican candidate running for office.

She is what the Tea Party has wrought, throwing away a certain Senate seat in Delaware in order to run a candidate not fit to elect as dog catcher.

There are some O'Donnell clones across the country. Sharon Angle in Nevada is also weird as is Rand Paul in Kentucky but it is O'Donnell that has caught the public moment.

She is the Democrats greatest weapon as the Sestak race shows.

In the final two weeks I would pound and ground her name across the airwaves at every opportunity if I were a Democrat strategist.

People clearly are wiling to vote for change but voting for candidates who believe in mouse/human cloning and I don't care when she said it, is bizarre indeed.

Democrats have tried and failed to personalize this campaign, first around president Bush then House Minority Leader John Boehner. Both those attempts failed.

But their real pin up girl is now ready to emerge.

Christine O'Donnell is the last best hope for Democrats in my opinion.

She is the best chance they have to put a losing Republican name and face on this election.