Now that Christine O'Donnell has been asked to perform in 'Dancing with the Stars' how about a top ten Irish American line up for the popular show?

Chris Matthews once said he felt his leg quivering when he watched candidate Obama speak-- sounds like a perfect candidate.

Mickey Rourke was a star in 'The Wrestler' which face it, is not a million miles away from doing the jitterbug -- get back in there Mickey.

Tom Brady dances to avoid the pass rush like no quarterback in history -- Put him in coach.

Michael Flatley -- need we say more.

Mark Wahlberg showed some very cool moves in 'The Fighter". He's a natural.

Mickey Ward, the fighter the movie was based on could be included on that basis.

Danica Patrick, put some tiger in her tank and she's off .

Rosie O'Donnell -- she could use the weight loss.

Maureen Dowd, coz she writes with such poetry she could surely dance with some too.