David Cameron and Aidan Burley

Aidan Burley is or was a rising star in the Tory Party in Britain, pictured above with Prime Minister David Cameron.

He was a man seen by many as a future government minister if not Prime Minister material.

At 32 he is in his first term and had quickly gained a reputation as a leading Eurosceptic and a young man in hurry.

Until last weekend that is.

That was when it was revealed that Burley had attended a Nazi themed party, was photographed with people in Nazi regalia and listened as 'Heil Hitler' chants rang out all night.

Burley's Nazi adventure was revealed in the Mail on Sunday, but it also said an awful lot about the British upper class.

Prince Harry you might remember a few years back, attended such a party and apparently was photographed in a Nazi uniform in 2006 and had to make an abject apology.

There is a streak of fascism in the Tory Party and among the British upper classes plainly.

Let's not forget that the abdicated King Edward V111 was an open Nazi admirer

How a young politician on the rise could have thought that attending such a a party was somehow ok says something about that strain of fascism that still reigns in part of the British upper crusts.

Of course he should be kicked out of the party and taught a lesson about how unsuitable for democratic politics such liaisons are.

Heil Hitler indeed.