One voice has been noticeably missing from recent debate on Ireland's desperate plight.

That person is Paul Hewson,AKA Bono.

It seemed anytime there was a debt crisis in the world Bono was there, arguing, pushing, delivering often on total cancellation of debt.

He became a powerful moral voice for those countries that found themselves so deeply indebted they could never have dug their way out.

Sounds familiar?

Yet on the glaring issue facing his homeland Bono has stated completely silent.

Very strange that, as his moral voice could clearly be heard in Ireland these days.

There is no other Irish international statesman who might help rally the Irish with a message of shared sacrifice and putting it all back together.

There are several possible reasons why he has not spoken out, some cynical.

Mainly he may have chosen not to get involved because it would involve partisan politics,something he has deeply avoided in his career.

More cynically, he knows he would get slated by many in the press, because U2 are effectively tax exiles,or are perceived as such.

Thirdly he may decide that now is not the time in the middle of all the heat and battle to go on the record.

But it would certainly be interesting to hear what he has to say.