Bill O'Reilly loves "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart. And he reckons the love goes both ways.

"Jon Stewart has a crush on Fox News," says O'Reilly.

"I simply can't imagine Stewart and his minions sitting there watching the boring stuff that CNN and MSNBC put out there...Believe me, he gets plenty from me and Glenn Beck."

O'Reilly reckons that Stewart's only joking when he tells Fox to go "F" themselves.

"He seems to do that affectionately," says the right-wing favorite. "He may really, really like us."

Someone must have been slipping O'Reilly some happy pills. He even says he actually LIKES Stewart.

"He is a great talent, and my sparring with him on TV brings us both great rewards.

"And I'd never tell him to go "F" himself, either. "