Bill O'Reilly is fair and balanced.

He's probably the only one who is at Fox News but it is certainly better to have one person than none.

In recent months Bill has been fair to Obama, critical, but never personally nasty as many other hosts are.

He also dismissed Christine O'Donnell as a nut job, which she is and had spirited but fair discussion on Obama fiscal policies.

For Bill O'Reilly, the Fox News tag line to be 'fair and balanced" seems to actually mean something, particularly of late when his colleagues at the channel seem to see conspiracy theories all around them.

On O'Reilly's top-rated cable show this week he interviewed Secretary of Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano, and to the surprise of many the anticipated grudge match did not occur.

O'Reilly was consistently calm and respectful throughout the wide ranging discussion, and at times he even veered toward complimenting Napolitano's recent work.

"I gave the Obama administration a lot of credit for this crackdown on illegal immigrants," O'Reilly said. "They're doing a lot more than the Bush administration ever did."

Thank you Bill for speaking the truth.

Maybe Jon Stewart's backhanded compliment that O'Reilly has become the "fairest person in the temple of doom," hit it mark. Certainly in recent weeks O'Reilly watchers say he has made a marked effort to be more "balanced" in his opinions and the topics he's been covering.

Strange days indeed.