Congratulations to Bill O'Reilly who has become one of the first right-wing commentators to admit he was terribly wrong about Shirley Sherrod.

Bill O’Reilly offered an abject apology on Wednesday, for making comments about Sherrod and showing a controversial tape that was edited to make it seem she was a racist.

"I owe Ms. Sherrod an apology for not doing my homework, for not putting her remarks into the proper context,"
he said on "The O’Reilly Factor,"

"I well understand the need for honest reporting."

O'Reilly admitted he "did not analyze the entire transcript, and that was not fair."

O'Reilly's mea culpa is in sharp contrast to the silence on the right after the tape released by activist Andrew Breirbart was revealed to be very selectively edited.

The edited version did not include the section of the speech where Sherrod said the episode had taught her the importance of overcoming personal prejudices.

The white farmer she helped has since praised Sherrod who has been offered her job back

On Wednesday, the White House apologized to Sherrod, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack offered her a different job.