The death of Al Qaeda terrorist the American born Amwar Al Awlaki is a huge boost for President Obama.

While Republicans try to tear him down on every conceivable issue his national security credentials are once again clear to the world.

His predecessor George Bush never laid a hand on top Al Qaeda leadership despite all the bellicose rhetoric.

Obama has quietly and secretly struck like a cobra at the heart of the terrorist organization.

The American Al Awalki was especially dangerous as he had direct access to many disaffected radicals in the US.

His American background made him an out and out traitor and a dangerous enemy who had already done this country tremendous harm.

Now he has been killed, no doubt by American intelligence who have been doing a superb job in recent months.

While it is not a big as the slaying of Bin Laden it certainly allows Obama to wave his national security credentials high over his head in the next presidential campaign.

That is something at least that Republicans cannot take away from him.