Barack Obama delivers his victory speech 

Barack Obama owes blacks, women, Hispanics andBill Clintonfor his smashing victory.

His immediate priority should be to pass immigration reform.

Republicans just never got it with Hispanics or immigration, demonizing them with cowboys like Governor Brewer and Sherriff Joe Arpio in Arizona who legislated against them and jailed and demonized them at every opportunity.

Not surprisingly, Hispanics bolted the party en masse.

George W. Bush, a compassionate man on immigration, won over 40 per cent of the Hispanic vote in 2004.

Romney, who danced the Arizona two-step, demonizing immigrants, lost 71 per cent to 27 per cent among Hispanics. I’m sure he’s not too surprised.

The party of Brewer, Arpio, Michelle Bachman, and crazy right-winger Allen West will never win a presidential election as long as they and other Tea Party colleagues polarize and destroy any attempt at consensus politics.

The Republicans in Congress need to sit down with Obama and do immigration reform as a priority, if only to lift what has become an incredible weight on the whole party.

Simply put, immigration reform must be the health care reform of the Obama second term. Unless Republicans are completely intransigent they will move to work with him on it.

Exit polls showed Americans were two to one in favor of comprehensive reform, an amazing number.

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Blacks were demonized too. Congressman Elijah Cumming of Maryland said it best when he said blacks were convinced that efforts were made to prevent them voting in Republican controlled states, a fact that incensed them and inspired them to vote in record numbers.

Bill Clintoninspired and drove Democrats, especially with his convention speech that created the framework for the rest of the campaign.

More importantly, back in 1992 Clinton moved theDemocratic Partyto the center, pro business and pro growth, and marginalized the loony left of his party.

Republicans badly need such a figure to tame their loony right.

Women too were incensed by the statements about rape and God’s wishes that were deeply offensive. Little wonder the Republicans lost the women’s votes by a street.

The reality is that angry white men can never be the basis for a presidential victory in America anymore. That day is long gone.

The Republicanswill wake up today with an enormous hangover and a harsh new world that states unless thy change their narrow and insular party they will become irrelevant.

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