Barack Obama shooting "skeet" at Camp David (Getty)

It is Barack Obama’s “I didn’t inhale” moment when he looks silly, dumb and plain stupid.

I’m talking about the picture of our president shooting off some kind of gun at Camp David and pretending he is somehow on the side of gun owners.

He’s not and he knows it and so does the world.

Some clever(?) PR guy wanted it both ways and released the old photo of the president skeet shooting, whatever that is.

I’m surprised “Bam Bam” Obama went for it. He should have smelled a fake a mile off.

He was doing well taking on the gun lobby until that moment, standing up to them, pushing for legislation, having his Vice President gather the evidence for a big move.

Now he has cheapened his own standing by this silly trick.

Obama doesn’t need to kow-tow to gun owners, especially not those defending the crazy assault weapon line.

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He needs to present a clear and viable alternative to how guns are licensed or not licensed in this country and seek to legislate accordingly.

Instead he has given the NRA an opening that they must have enjoyed enormously given the dreadful state of their own public relations these days and their downright semi-deranged  spokesman Wayne LaPierre.

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Come on Mr. President, you know better than to play a pretend game where you have a foot in both camps.
It is a sure fire way, excuse the pun, to ensure that you lose ground and respect in both camps.

So put the gun away and get  back to the reality that you want to do better on guns and that most of the country is solidly behind you.

That should be good enough “Bang Bang” -- and fire that PR guy who told you this was a good plan.