The New York Times is reporting that Anthony Weiner is set to step down today bringing an end to his political career.

Washington Post legend David Broder once remarked that the one reaction politicians cannot survive is when people begin laughing at the mention of their name.

Remember the unfortunate Admiral Stockdale who ran as Ross Perot's running mate and became a staple of late nigh comedians because of his inability to handle the spotlight?

Weiner has now reached the same point and there is simply no way back for him. He has become a punchline in an increasingly less funny joke.

In the end he failed because he was clearly intensely disliked by his own Democratic colleagues as well as those who were his political opponents.

He was clearly hoping to ride out the storm and to somehow recover with the passage of time.
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But even long time friends like mentor Charles Schumer and President Bill Clinton were lukewarm at best about speaking out on his behalf.

So another sex scandal,another politician bites the dust.

The only sure thing is we will see it again and again. The nexus between power and sex means it is always so.