One of the shots of Ireland in the September issue of Vogue

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz trains her lens on Ireland in the September issue of Vogue – and the country looks like it is back in the 19th Century.

“Girls” actor and latest heartthrob Adam Driver is featured in the nine page photo spread, but he’s not exactly on his iPhone or iPad.

Instead he’s riding a donkey, rowing a boat, strapping what looks like a goat across his back, resting up on top of a tree and generally acting like John Wayne on steroids.

Oh he’s also outdoors at a campfire and half naked with his love leaning on his chest.

There’s a comely colleen playing Maureen O’Hara in the scenes too, in an Aran sweater in one pose and all green dress in another. Begorrah!

The peasants from the bog scenario is a trifle upsetting for those of us who care that Ireland moves on from the forty shades of green beloved by Johnny Cash and millions of Americans.

On the other hand Tourism Ireland are said to be delighted with the result and certainly the lush green scenery and handsome couple make for a very fine combination.

But there is no hint that Ireland is in the 21st Century and that cities like Dublin also have this marvelous mixture of history and present day ambiance.

It is the Ireland of ‘The Quiet Man’, except here he’s on a donkey and carrying a goat and up a tree for some unknown reason.

Leibovitz, of Jewish background and Brooklyn-born is the most famous photographer in the world probably. Not sure this adds to her reputation.

Here's the original trailer for 'The Quiet Man' - can you see the similarities?