International press awaiting the arrival of the Royal baby

No, the Messiah was not born yesterday, contrary to what you might have been thinking such was the media hype.

The media overload is frankly, depressing and every news bulletin brings another batch of whipped up sweet nothings.

Only the satirical site The Onion has caught the absurdity of it all. “Royal Baby Speaks First Words” and “Royal Baby Already Crawling” were among their first headlines.

I bear no ill will to the royal couple, especially since Queen Elizabeth’s quite magical tour to the Emerald Isle two years ago, but the media are another matter.

We live in a time of great excess from Twitter to Facebook to web sites to old-fashioned newspapers with everyone clamoring for the latest scoop of sweet nothing.

But the only story is that a perfectly healthy 31-year-old gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy.

There’s nothing to see here folks, there are 370,000 babies born every day in this wonderful world of ours. The royal baby is just one.

Perhaps we should focus more on those kids born yesterday who through malnutrition or disease will never make it to five-years old. That is about 29,000 according to UNICEF.

Now that is shocking.

So if there was a significant feat  accomplished I could understand the hype. Phil Mickelson won the British Open with a magnificent final round. Andy Murray won Wimbledon despite all the odds and pressures-- two great stories out of London  and rightfully the press paid homage.

But having a baby? C’mon, lets keep a sense of perspective here.

Okay, the child is the latest member of the lucky sperm club as Warren Buffett calls it, born into wealth and power the world can only dream of and having done nothing whatsoever other than being a lucky sperm to earn it.

Prince Charles got it about right when he feigned disinterest and asked if there was any news when asked about the imminent birth.(his wife Camilla was down to visit a  famous fish and chip shop today in Yorkshire , I kid you not).

He is likely delighted it’s a son and the distinct possibility of a daughter being called Diana has passed for now at least.

As for Kate, the mother, she has delivered on her unspoken obligation to supply an heir.

As for the British they can now relax and hope the aging Charles passes on taking the throne and lets the young dad have it, which is everyone’s unspoken wish.

And the rest of us can get back to normal away from this mad frivolity.